CPVA Agenda


CPVA Meetings are held the third Monday of every month.


College Park Village Association Meeting
July 17, 2017
Start time: 7:00pm

1) Call to Order and Introduction of Guest and Officials -
Pledge of Allegiance

MCSO Officer's Report

2) Residents Comments - Residents

3) Township Report - Peggy Krysiak

4) Village Liaison Report - Peggy Krysiak

5) Administrative and Council Reports
    Presentation of June Minutes - Marti Meerscheidt
    Treasurer's Report - Dave Mulberry

6) Village Activities
  a. Fourth of July Activities - Mike Larson
  b. NNO Activities - Mike Larson
  c. NNO Activities--Windsor Hills - Marti Meerscheidt

7) Other Village Business
  a. Discussion of Village Website - Mike Larson
  b. update on 95 W Knightsbridge - Mike Larson
  c. update on Bandit Signs issue in Harper's Landing - Mike Larson

8) Other Business

9) Residents Comments - Residents

10) Board Member Comments - Board Members

11) Adjournment


Next meeting is August 21, 2017