A Letter from the President of College Park Village, Ted Stanley

Welcome to our newly revised College Park web site. This is your web site. We hope that you find it user-friendly, informative and interactive. My goal, as your president, is to have constant, open communication and I believe that this web site is the number one way to achieve that goal. While we will certainly use other methods of communication, I hope you will come to think of this site as your primary source of information and your initial line of communication.

The Village of College Park is very unique and our needs are slightly different than other villages in the Township. We are unique mainly in our geographic design; College Park is the only village in The Woodlands that has three geographically distinct areas-Harper's Landing, Grogan's Forest and Windsor Hills and the Hwy 242 College area. While this makes some elements challenging, it also makes for a great opportunities to be the finest village in the Township. I look forward to working with residents and leaders in all areas of our village to bring about the finest representation in The Woodlands.

Please use this site to obtain information regarding events going on in our village as well as the Township as a whole. This site will provide you with links to various departments of The Woodlands Township, county and other governmental entities. We will maintain a community calendar-- so if you have events in your neighborhood or of particular interest our web master will include those on the Community Calendar page.

In addition, please look for our Monthly ENewsletter to go out about a week before each monthly CPVA Meeting. I encourage you to submit information to be included on each of these forms of communications. You will have the opportunity to submit information via this site.

Please remember that our monthly meetings are held on the third Monday of every month at 7:00 pm at The Woodlands Township building. Your attendance is always appreciated and your input is invaluable to our success.

I sincerely solicit your suggestions and input on this web site (and on all matters relating to our village) and would hope that you offer your feedback and suggestions often. Feel free to contact me anytime. Your board (see contact info posted on this web site) is here to serve you and to address your needs and concerns.

Our community is a wonderful place to live and our village is second to none. Please enjoy it and we hope to see you at our monthly meeting.

Ted Stanley